1. context. 


  2. Music Monday:
    Mapei - Don’t Wait

    I heard this song today and it hit me right in the feels. Give it a listen. This is life. 

  3. gpoy

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  4. Music Monday:
    Kaskade - Something Something 

    Would do anything, within reason for you

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  5. Music Monday: 
    Dillon Francis ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Without You 

    Love this. 


  6. Music Monday:
    astronomyy - things i’d do for u

    if we never wake up, maybe we could go some place

  7. Music Monday:

    CLMD vs. Kish feat. Fröder - The Stockholm Syndrome


  8. reblog bc i have the same shirt as beyonce. 

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  9. Music Monday:
    Andrew McMahon - Synesthesia 

    "And I can see colours when I hear your voice"

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  12. Music Monday:
    Where the Lonely Kids Go When the Bell Rings 
    by James Workman 

    A fan made documentary about Kanye West from College Dropout to today. Finally got around to watching it and it is Incredibly dope.

    Love him or hate him, Kanye is an amazing artist. This sheds some light on the genius that he is and after watching this, I am even more excited to see him at Governors Ball in a few weeks. 

  14. Music Monday:

    Disclosure - Latch (ft. Sam Smith)

  15. TDE’s SXSW Outtakes. 

    If any rap crews are looking for a brown person to join them and say/do random things like B-Diddy, please contact me. I want to be that person.